Mould 45cal 200gr Real DBL Cavity (LEE)

667,00 kr

Lee mold blocks are made from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities. The mold cavities are lathe bored for unmatched roundness and size control. REAL molds cast a solid bullet that loads easily even after many firings because if its unique cleaning action. Will not tumble. A perfect hunting bullet with heavy loads. Shoots accurately even in greatly oversize barrels. Handles included.

This Lee Double Cavity Mold produces a 45 Cal. diameter 200 grain bullet. The driving band diameters on the bullet are as follows starting from the base to the tip: .452, .457, .462, and .467.

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Ytterligare information

Ytterligare information

Vikt 0,4 kg

Gjutblock Kaliber

45 cal

Gjutblock Kulvikt

200 grain / 12,96 gram

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