45 (.451??) 250gr (45 Colt) JHP (Nosler Kulor) 100/ask

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Whether you punch paper, shoot steel plates, chickens or pigs, or use your handgun for hunting, Nosler assures you the very finest in accuracy, consistency and overall quality. Nosler polishes all Sporting Handgun bullets to a bright finish. The exposed lead and knife-cut serrations in jacket wall initiate expansion. A well-defined cannelure holds the jacket and core together and permits a tight crimp to eliminate bullet movement within the case. A form fitted, pure lead core provides maximum accuracy and expansion.

Ytterligare information

Ytterligare information

Vikt 1,67 kg
Tillverkare Pistol Kulor


Pistol Kulor Typ


Pistolkulor (Kaliber)

Pistol Kulor Vikt

250 grain / 16,2 gram

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