416 (.416) 370gr Safari Raptor (Cutting Edge M?ssing Kulor) 50/ask

1.386,00 kr

  • Material:  Brass
  • Caliber:  .416
  • Diameter:  .416″
  • OAL:  1.522″
  • Weight:  370 grains
  • G1 Ballistic Coefficient:  .180
  • Projection Length:  .750″
  • Retained Weight:  approximately 306 grains

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416″ diameter 370 grain Safari Raptor™ non-conventional (NonCon) brass solid hunting bullet designed for bolt action rifles as well as double rifles. Design incorporates 3 + 1 band configuration for reduced barrel strain. It has the 67% Meplat BBW#13™ which has been proven to provide the deepest penetration of any nose profile to date. Instead of mushrooming, six petals shear off starting at 3″ of penetration and gradually move in a star pattern away from the main wound channel while the base continues on for even deeper penetration.

Ytterligare information

Ytterligare information

Vikt 1,4 kg

Kulor Typ

Gevärskulor (Kaliber)

Kul Vikt

370 grain / 23,98 gram

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