38 (.357??) 125gr JHC SportMaster (Sierra Kulor) 100/ask

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Ballistic Coefficient: 0.133

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These Jacketed Hollow Point SportsMaster bullets are designed for high velocity and rapid expansion, and are suitable for all 38/357 cartridges used in handguns or rifles. Power Jacket skiving assures even upset, and Sierra’s unique cavity ensures quick expansion. Tough enough to give good penetration, these bullets are a fitting choice for varmints through medium-sized game in 38 Special and 357 Magnum guns by matching bullet weight to the quarry. The cannelure is located for proper crimping for most 38/357 revolvers and rifles.

Ytterligare information

Ytterligare information

Vikt 0,84 kg
Tillverkare Pistol Kulor


Pistol Kulor Typ

JHP, Sport Master

Pistolkulor (Kaliber)

Pistol Kulor Vikt

125 grain / 8,1 gram

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