30 (.308) 230g Subsonic FB Raptor (Cutting Edge Kulor) 50/ask

1.250,00 kr

  • Material:  Copper, Lead Free
  • Caliber:  .308
  • Diameter:  .308
  • OAL:  1.719″
  • Weight:  230gr
  • Required Twist Rate:  1-7″ or Faster

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This bullet is designed to function at subsonic speeds and put game on the ground quickly and quietly. It is manufactured out of solid copper barstock on a CNC swiss style lathe. A minimum impact velocity of 900fps is required for the hollow point to function as intended. This makes it an excellent choice for .300 Blackout and .300 Whisper rifles. Instead of mushrooming, our subsonic Raptor bullet sheds 4 large blades after about 1-2″ of penetration while the base continues. The minimum required twist rate for this bullet is 1:7″ or faster.

Additional Projection Lengths

.300 Blackout = .859

.308 Whisper = .732

Ytterligare information

Ytterligare information

Vikt 0,95 kg

Kulor Typ


Gevärskulor (Kaliber)

Kul Vikt

230 grain / 14,90 gram

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